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Who We are!

Boyapati Dairy and Foods is a family-run company providing premium quality milk products and unforgettably delicious sweets since 2019. We pride ourselves on creating exceptional products lovingly crafted using traditional methods and cutting-edge technology. Our core mission is to deliver only the purest, cleanest, and finest dairy products and incredible savories to our discerning community of customers throughout India. 

We are excited to feature our products in the U.S. 🇺🇸

In 2022, we started offering our premium products across the U.S., delivering our one-of-a-kind, additive-free dairy products and savories to health and quality-focused consumers throughout the country.


Boyapati Dairy - Humble Beginnings to a Well-Trusted Dairy Provider in Vijayawada

Our ancestors consistently demonstrated that additive-free and nutrient-rich food is quintessential for leading a healthy lifestyle. This is one of the founding principles of our parent firm, Boyapati Dairy, which is a family-owned business that started in 1989 with just five cows and buffaloes. From humble beginnings, our small dairy nestled in a tiny community thrived into an incredible farm with 500-cattle that produces milk, ghee, and other dairy products across multiple facilities across Vijayawada, India. Over the last three decades, Boyapati Dairy has continued raising grass-fed cattle producing premium quality dairy products that have become an essential part of our customers' healthy lifestyle.



Do you have fond memories of eating additive-free savories made by your grandparents?

If your answer is yes, you have come to the right place. Backed by our motto,
"Purity At Its Best," we established Boyapati Dairy and Foods in 2019 with a mission to bring back the sweets from our childhood and reimagine them without any preservatives or artificial colors. 

We only use Pure Ghee made in Bilona Method for preparing all our savories.

Unlike most refined oils, Ghee is full of healthy fats, which help our body absorb some essential vitamins and minerals. We are one of the very few savory makers in India who make all their products with pure ghee. We are sure you will fall in love with the rich flavor of our ghee in every single bite. 

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Our Commitment to Purity, Quality, and Exceptional Customer Service

At Boyapati Dairy and Foods, we select only premium quality ingredients and apply traditional methods of savory making to deliver sublime results in quality, taste, and consistency. All while delivering an unforgettable, welcoming customer service experience and a friendly atmosphere at all of our locations.

Are you staying in the U.S. and missing our Incredible Indian Savories?

Along with India, we enjoy a large customer base from our fellow compatriots living across the globe. Many of our global customers treat our savories as a must-have in their check-in bags. Starting in 2022, we will make our savories delivered to your doorstep with just a few clicks. Head into our Shop Now page and order your favorites. We will take care of the rest. 

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